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casso-teachers list administration

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Occasionally, posted messages, subscriptions, and other requests will need your approval before they are completed. Click the Moderation link to see all of the requests that are being held for approval. [more]


Click the Subscribers link to view or search the list of subscribers, add subscribers, remove subscribers, or change the personal settings of some subscribers.


Majordomo has over 100 configuration settings which you can use to fine-tune the performance of your mailing list. To manage them more easily, they have been divided into several categories. Click the Configuration link to see a list of these categories.

List Info

Click the List Info link to see what information about your list is presented when people visit the web interface for subscribers.

You can also edit the welcome message, FAQ, and other documents; see statistics for recent posted messages; browse the message archives; or check the status of message digests on the List Info page.

Command Form

Although the other features of this WWW service will allow you to perform many common tasks, not every task is supported yet. However, the Command Form offers a primitive way of issuing commands that may be easier for experienced administrators.


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Issue Commands by E-mail

Majordomo has over 100 cross-referenced help documents. They describe how to email commands to Majordomo at The help pages may be displayed in a new window in your web browser.

To see the help document for a particular topic, type its name into the Topic box, then press the help button.

The following documents give a good introduction.
A basic introduction to list administration, including hints for solving common problems.
A summary of all of the commands available to list administrators.
admin_passwords (important!)
How to use passwords when you email commands to Majordomo.
A summary of commands for list subscribers
How to see the current configuration settings for your list.
configset and configdef
How to change the configuration settings.
How to change the personal settings of your list's subscribers.
How to add people to your mailing list.
How to remove people from your mailing list.
How to see a summary of requests that require moderation.
How to obtain more information about one request that requires moderation.
An index of all of the help documents provided by Majordomo.
How to see who is subscribed to your mailing list.
Technical details about this web interface.

If you need help, contact the administrators.
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